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MediCare MASTA Travel Health Service

MediCare is pleased to announce a new partnership with MASTA, a leading travel health specialist, in order to offer our customers a full travel health service.

MediCare is pleased to announce a new partnership with MASTA

For those planning travel abroad our fully trained MediCare Pharmacists will now be able to offer a full service of holiday medications (malaria and travellers' diarrhoea) and vaccinations including Yellow Fever.

If you are travelling for business or pleasure; our service will ensure that both you and your family* receive the best advice to help you stay healthy when you travel.

Using the service is quick and simple:

  1. Click on the MASTA link below and use the vaccine checker to find out if you need any recommended or required vaccinations for your trip
  2. If you need to book a consultation you can then do so on line or by calling the MASTA Customer Services number
  3. Get yourself registered and then a MASTA nurse will call you at your convenience to go through your trip details and put together a personalised Travel Health Plan
  4. After the consultation the nurse will book you an appointment at your nearest MediCare Pharmacy where you will attend to receive your vaccinations and medications from your local MediCare Pharmacist

Click here to go to the MASTA Homepage

* Service in Pharmacy for children of five years and over

All personal medical information associated with the use of this service will only be shared with MASTA and anyone else directly involved in your care or where legally required to do so. This service is covered by the IMA DOCTORnow in Northern Ireland and details of RQIA Inspection can be found below or by e-mailing

Download details of the MASTA MediCare Complaints procedure provided by DOCTORnow

Download MASTA MediCare Pharmacy Partnership Leaflet

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MASTA Travel Health Alert

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