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Pharmacy Services


We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions using a computer system which automatically monitors your medicines for interactions. It would help us to help you even further if you could always try to use us for prescriptions as this enables your prescription history to be as comprehensive as possible. We also deliver dispensed prescriptions to housebound patients and collect repeat prescriptions.


For details of emergency dispensing services after hours and on Sundays and public holidays, please see notices in your local press. If all else fails, the police may be able to help.

Emergency Supplies

If you require an emergency prescription (for instance, if you cannot get to see the doctor), we may be able to help although this service is not available on the NHS.

Nowadays, as well as dispensing medicines, Pharmacists offer an increasingly varied range of services aimed at helping you take charge of your health.

Minor Ailments

Thanks to the NHS funded Minor Ailments Scheme, it is no longer necessary to visit your GP for illnesses of a minor nature which can now be treated by your local Pharmacist. All you have to do is visit your local pharmacy where you can get advice and treatment from the Pharmacist, who may well be able to prescribe medicines to treat these minor conditions effectively. Under the Minor Ailments service, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to receive these medicines free of charge.

Pharmacists are trained to deal with minor ailments and have welcomed the opportunity to supply treatment free to eligible patients. The service offers a huge benefit to patients since they receive quick, expert ‘drop-in’ advice in the pharmacy without the need to make an appointment with their GP. This will hopefully allow GPs to spend more time focusing on those patients that really need their input.

For more information on this service please contact or call into your local MediCare Pharmacy. To see what ailments the service covers, click here.

Repeat Prescriptions

FREE Prescription Collection & Delivery Service

Saving you time & inconvenience

Now Available at all MediCare Pharmacies

All you have to do is…

  • Order your prescription from your surgery and advise the receptionist it will be collected by your MediCare Pharmacy.

  • Phone your MediCare Pharmacy and let them know you have a prescription to be collected.

  • Our Driver will collect your prescription from your surgery and we will have it ready for you to pick up at your convenience or delivered to your home should you require it.

To locate your local MediCare Pharmacy just look at the Store Locator.

Unwanted Medicines

We help run a nationwide DUMP (Disposal of UNwanted Medicines) campaign so please return all unwanted medicines to us and we will dispose of them safely.

Child Proof Medicine Containers

We supply all tablets and capsules in child-resistant containers unless you ask us not to. Some patients may also require special containers to help them take their medicines accurately. These are not available on the NHS but we can obtain them.

Stoma/Incontinence Supplies

We stock, or can get for you within 48 hours, an extensive range of products including bags, mattress covers and so on, and the pharmacist can advise you confidentially in any of these areas.

Residential And Nursing Homes

We can supply these homes with medical supplies such as stoma and incontinence products as well as advise them on their use, storage and staff training.

Surgery Equipment

We can supply an extensive range of equipment for use by doctors, nurses and midwives. Please ask for our catalogue.

Oxygen Therapy/Nebulisers

We supply oxygen equipment prescribed by your doctor and portable oxygen sets as well as deliver new cylinders. Your doctor may also recommend a nebuliser for asthma or breathing problems. These are not available on the NHS but we can supply them. We can also advise on using inhalers and peak flow meters.

Living Aids

We stock, or can obtain for our elderly and disabled customers within 48 hours, products ranging from long-handled toe nail scissors to bath seats, to wheelchairs.

First Aid

We carry a wide range of items for home use but can also supply offices, shops and factories.


The pharmacist can advise on minor complaints and recommend products from our foot care range or a specialist.


We can supply stockings ordered by your doctor as well as many other items not available on NHS, such as support tights. We also offer a measuring and fitting service.


Reduce the risk of leaving a vital item behind with your holiday checklist which includes sun creams antimalarial treatments and remedies for upset stomachs and diarrhoea.

Counter Medicines

We carry a wide range of well-known counter medicines as well as vitamins, minerals and tonics, the pharmacist can also advise you on diet supplements.

Health Care Leaflets General Health Care Advice

Health care education and information leaflets are available as is the pharmacist for advice on all medicines and minor ailments, as well as alternative and herbal remedies, in private if you like.

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