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Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership programme


In November 2017 I started work with Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership programme. MediCare Pharmacy Group has participated in the programme with Carrickfergus YMCA for many years, however this was the first occasion in which Pharmacist Selina had been involved. She learnt that the upcoming sessions would take part with a group of parents aged 25-65 years, and would be co-ordinated between herself and the team leader from YMCA. Following an introductory session led by Selina in the PAKT (Parents and Kids Together) Centre in Carrickfergus, she was able to meet the group and gauge an idea of what topics they were interested in learning more about. Areas of interest included many significant topics ranging from children’s health, healthy hearts and addiction, to pain relief and Stress Management.

Over the course of nine weeks MediCare pharmacist Selina planned the sessions and produced relevant and evidence-based course material for the group. My pharmacy led sessions covered core pharmacy services, highlighting the minor ailments service and smoking cessation schemes. These sessions were interspersed with health related activities, which were thoroughly enjoyable for everyone involved. Following a session on stress management, they took part in a go-karting in Need 4 Speed Doagh. Additionally, a local ceramics company, Ulster Ceramics Foundation employee Tyrone Whiteside held a workshop on starting ceramics to encourage stress release, as the second activity.

Furthermore, the group availed of health checks including blood pressure with associated guidance, and it was highlighted that these are some additional services provided by many MediCare Pharmacies. There was a focused session on Children’s health both common illnesses and expanded to behavioural issues such as Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia with are common issues that we are very prevalent in Northern Ireland. The group gained a lot of useful information from these sessions as well as stress management techniques, and were more inclined to discuss such matters with their local community Pharmacist and other healthcare professionals as required.

Involvement in the program has, at a personal level, been very enjoyable and has given MediCare pharmacist Selina the experience of working with this local community group and to better understand their needs and to ensure they have a better awareness of what community pharmacy can offer them. It has also enabled Selina to work with a local organisation such as the YMCA and understand the valuable role they play in our local communities.

“I could not have asked for a better team of parents to be involved with in the project, and I feel glad to have been able to give something back to the local community in which I work.”

Selina Whiteside – Pharmacist – MediCare Pharmacy Group


Last Day of BCPP with the Parents YMCA group 

R-L: Paul Scott, Margaret Ireland, Maurice Shearer, Lynn Morgan, Nichola Kirkwood, Lynda Heffron, Selina Whiteside, Emma Laughlin, Liz Kraft, Danielle Martin, Lynsey Turner

BCPP Parents Group 25-65 years at Need 4 Speed Doagh


Learning Ceramics: R-L : Cathy Dobson, Lynn Morgan and Tyrone Whiteside


Participating in Stress Relief workshop


Lynsey Turner receiving her certificate from Selina Whiteside on completion of the course

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