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No Smoking Day 2018


Be proud to be a Quitter!
Smokers in Northern Ireland are being invited to be call into their community pharmacy on No Smoking Day to find out how their community pharmacist could help them to quit smoking in time for summer.   

MediCare Pharmacy Group are continuing to support National No Smoking Day on 14th March 2018.  In doing so MediCare invited Primary 7 pupils from across Northern Ireland to participate in creating MediCare Pharmacy Group’s No Smoking Day Poster.

This was achieved through entry into a competition, with the winning poster distributed and displayed across MediCare Pharmacy Groups shops as their awareness poster for No Smoking Day 2018.

The awareness day is supported by organisations across Northern Ireland, including the Public Health Agency under the theme, ‘Proud to be a Quitter’ which is also the theme of this year’s poster design.  The poster competition intends to help raise awareness within this key group of children. Statistically children whose siblings/relatives smoke will have a greater likelihood to start themselves and it has been seen through national statistics that almost 9000 11-15 year old children start to smoke in Northern Ireland each year. This was also an ideal opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking to the whole school body including the wider reach of family and friends and to explain that a very successful free Stop Smoking Service is available in MediCare and other Community Pharmacy’s across Northern Ireland.  Peer-designed posters can have a bigger message impact and can offer an immediate, effective, direct, relevant and visual way for students to communicate to other students, friends and family the harmful effects of tobacco and to encourage them to stop.
Each MediCare pharmacy have on display their partner primary schools entries within their shop so as to further encourage family and friends to view them and possibly avail of the Stop Smoking advice and support available from our highly qualified team.

Colin Deehan, Pharmacy Service Manager for MediCare Pharmacy Group said: “Around three quarters of smokers in Northern Ireland want to quit smoking and we know that they are up to four times more likely to succeed with help, such as the step by step twelve week programme available close to home at their local MediCare pharmacy. 
It is worth noting that only 3 out of every 100 smokers successfully quit without using any NRT products or availing of counselling and support services. Those who use both counselling and NRT products are 8 times more likely to stay quit one year after setting their quit date. 
With free specialist advice available, statistics for 2016/17 reveal that the stop smoking service promoted through community pharmacy in Northern Ireland remains the most accessible and successful among independent healthcare providers, having supported 7,544 people to remain quit at four weeks.    
 “Taking the decision to quit is a big step for many smokers, but there are lots of reasons to stop”.  Colin Deehan continued, “It could be for your own health, or maybe loved ones are encouraging you to quit - whatever drives you, we are here to help you achieve your goal and make you and your family proud”. 
Make your MediCare pharmacy the first port of call for the vast majority of health concerns.  For more information about the services pharmacies provide, go to, ask your local MediCare pharmacy or for more information about quitting visit 

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