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Minor Ailments Scheme

The 'Minor Ailments Scheme', is a FREE service provided by MediCare and other community pharmacies which allows for a free consultation and prescription treatment for a range of health conditions.

Pharmacists can recognise many common health complaints and can give advice and where appropriate, medicines that will help to clear up the problem. If your problem is more serious and needs the attention of a GP, your pharmacist will refer you to them when appropriate.

Ailments covered by the service include;
• Athlete's Foot
• Diarrhoea
• Headlice
• Dhobie Itch
• Threadworms
• Vaginal Thrush

To avail of this service, just call into your local Medicare Pharmacy and get further details on how the Minor Ailments Scheme can help you and your family.

Furthermore, since the removal of prescription charges the Minor Ailments Scheme is available to everyone over 3mths old registered with a GP practice in Northern Ireland.

Appointments are not necessary.

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